3 Simple Ways to Lower Your Summer Energy Bills

With the summer season also comes the skyrocketed temperatures that send your energy bills in the same direction. Don’t find yourself with a high energy bill! Here are three simple ways you can cut down on your energy bills this summer.

Lessen your energy use during peak hours.

In case you didn’t know, many energy providers actually increase their rates during peak hours of the day. To combat this, cleverly switch up your routine so that you’re not unexpectedly raising your energy bills. For example, run your dishwasher and your laundry cycles in the evening.

Raise your thermostat.

That’s right! Experts say that every degree that you lower your thermostat during the summer increases your energy bills by 6 percent. It’s recommended to keep your thermostat at or near 78 degrees to keep your costs low and keep you cool during the summer season. It also helps to raise your thermostat to around 85 degrees when you’re not home to assist in cutting down costs.

Choose the grill over the oven.

Grilling isn’t just a delicious way to cook your meals during the summer; it’s an excellent method to save you cash and keep your energy costs low. When you’re using the oven during the summer, your home will heat up as a result, which leads to your air conditioner going into overdrive. Ease up on the oven usage during the summer, and your energy bills will thank you.